Video displays that pop-up, drop from a ceiling or magically appear ‘inside’ a mirror or glass wall are just some of the entertainment options for your yacht. A big-screen video that projects on an outdoor screen? We’ve done it.

As important as the screen, the sound carries the emotion of the concert, movie or even sporting event. When used ship-wide, music makes a vessel into a home. That’s what we do – we bring the pleasure of movies and music at the touch of a button for all rooms, in and out, with the latest gear from the world’s best vendors. Our advanced audio systems deliver sound that fits a range of environments. You can have concealed sound for any room, at high levels of quality. Speakers can be hidden in walls and ceilings, indoors or out. That means no clutter, no special furniture, no carrying CD’s from room to room. The system is housed in a storage rack – each room merely needs a pair of visible or concealed speakers.